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NEW YORK - MAY 28: Single New Yorkers chat up during a HurryDate speed dating event May 28, 2003 in New York City. Speed dating is a trend in New York, pitting dozens of singles together for dozens of short "dates" in an evening. Participants fill out cards if they're interested, and event organizers e-mail any resulting matches. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Is it possible to look SEXY over POWERPOINT?  There’s a new type of dating event where people get three minutes to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of a room of single people . . . explaining why those people should date their single friend.

The presentations use all the standard elements of PowerPoint . . . bulleted lists, graphs, and pictures. Right now, these events are going on in Boston and New York . . . but if they get popular enough, who knows?


Millennials make PowerPoint presentations to help friends score dates

Millennials, sick of dating apps, are turning to PowerPoint to find love. A new event called DateMyFriend.ppt encourages hopefuls to come to a bar in Brooklyn and give a three-minute presentation on one of their single friends, who has to awkwardly sit there while they're shown to the audience.