SILVER SPRING, MD - JULY 02: Dallas Maw of Currituck, NC, a member of a tree cutting crew from Auburey's Landscaping, works to dismantle a giant southern red oak tree that was blown over in last Friday's deadly storm July 2, 2012 in Silver Spring, Maryland. About 445,000 businesses and households in the metropolitan area surrounding the nation's capital remain without electricity three days after a deadly storm ripped a path from Illinois to the Mid Atlantic region. Almost 40-percent of Pepco customers in Montgomery County, just north of the District of Columbia, are still without electricity and the power company does not expect to have full service restored until Friday. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

This happened a couple of weeks ago in Canada, but it’s making the rounds now.  It’s a 17-second video of an almost-fatal attempt at tree trimming.

There’s a woman on a ladder who’s reaching up to give a tree trimmer a tool.  It looks like a screwdriver.  She’s in shorts and a tank top, and he’s in safety gear and a hard hat.

The guy must have needed the tool to help remove the CHAINSAW that was STUCK in a branch.  But while he’s getting the tool the branch breaks and falls, and the chainsaw bounces off the woman’s arm and back.

THEN the falling branch hits a different ladder, and when that goes down it takes the woman with it.  According to the person who posted the clip, she fell almost 10 feet.  Somehow, there were no injuries.