CASTELLON DE LA PLANA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 15: Luggage from passengers of the first commercial flight landing at Castellon airport lay on the baggage carousel on September 15, 2015 near Castellon de la Plana, in Castellon province, Spain. Castellon airport was inaugurated four and half years ago, but only today the first commercial flight, the Ryanair flight FR8555, landed on it. The ghost airport was inaugurated on March 2011 with an estimated cost of over 150 million euros, becoming on a symbol of Spain's huge public spendings and alleged corruptions. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

A woman in Turkey was flying for the first time last week.  And she accidentally got on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport because she thought that was the way to the plane.

A video of it is going viral now.


First-time flyer climbs on bag conveyor thinking it'll take her to plane

CCTV footage shows the air-headed passenger stepping on the belt after checking in her bags at Istanbul Airport in Turkey. She then tries to time her step on the second conveyor - but ends up slamming on to her backside before being swept away.