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CHATHAM, MA - AUGUST 12: Waves break on Lighthouse Beach on Cape Cod on August 12, 2012 in Chatham, Massachusetts. A man was confirmed to have been bitten by a great white shark less than two weeks ago in the ocean near the shoreline of Truro in Cape Cod. An increase in the seal population on Cape Cod has led to increased shark sightings including great whites in the waters off Chatham. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

They’re the two most popular summer vacation destinations for Boston-area denizens: Cape Cod and the Maine Seacoast. So which one gets your vote?


I’m a Maine guy through-and-through. Vacationland. The Way Life Should Be. I’ve been spending a week at Wells Beach every summer since I was a teenager. And now I take my own kids there every summer.


But it’s not just tradition and fond memories. On the worst traffic day, it’s a two-hour drive. In other words, you can get to the Seacoast in half the time it takes you to get to the Cape. Sure, you can get lobster rolls and ice cream and all the other summer staples in both places. But the Seacoast, unlike the Cape, is shark-free! (for now…)


So Maine gets my vote. Cast yours below then hit ROCK 92.9 on Twitter to tell us why.