WOKING, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 17: Two bees watch from their hive at the Blackhorse Apairy Beekeeping Centre in St Johns, near Woking on April 17 2007 in Surrey, United Kingdom. Colony Collapse Disorder - which has been affecting bee populations in the USA - has been reported to have spread to the UK and experts are divided to what it is caused by. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

There are several things about this video that make it funny.  A guy in Louisiana is trying to get rid of a wasp nest in the overhang of his front door. 

But instead of using a ladder, he stands on an office chair that has four wheels on the bottom.  He has a spotter holding onto the chair to keep it steady.

Then he tries to get rid of the nest by SHOOTING FIRE at it.  He uses a spray can of paint and a lighter.  But when the fire hits the nest, a wasp falls toward the spotter who freaks out and runs into the house.

That makes the chair start rolling and the guy doing the spraying falls to the ground.  He seems okay because he gets up right away and runs into the house.