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BAGHDAD, IRAQ - JULY 14: An Iraqi male child cries as he is circumcised July 14, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. Circumcision is a religious practice among Muslims and is seen as an act of purification and most of Iraq's Muslim male children are dressed in the traditional white Dishdashas and circumcised in July. (Photo by Muhannad Fala'ah/Getty Images)

Forget all the parenting books, this dad has the perfect trick to stop his kid from crying.  After she starts wailing he makes a game out of it by telling her they’ll take turns crying. 

He says, “My turn” and then he cries.  Then he stops and says “Your turn” . . . but she says no.  It works because kids hate being told what to do, even if it’s a game.

Hilarious father tricks daughter into not crying.

A father of three has a trick up his sleeve to stop his daughter from crying and whining. The father recorded the sweet moment at their house in the Bay Area of Califonia, where the daughter refuses to take her turn to cry.