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IN FLIGHT - FEBRUARY 06: (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS) Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy sleeps during a flight on a private jet as part of MTV's "Infinity Flight 206 With Fall Out Boy," a 24-hour cross-country tour on February 6, 2007. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

A woman aboard an Air canada flight fell asleep and woke up hours later, all by herself, in a dark plane.  She was unable to charge her phone but found a flashlight and was able to flag down crew members who came to her rescue.


Woman falls asleep on flight, wakes up 'alone' and 'locked up' in empty plane

Oh, Air Canada! Tiffani Adams was on her way home to Toronto after visiting a friend in Quebec when "one of the best weekends I've ever had" turned into a nightmare. She woke up in a cold, dark Air Canada jet a few hours after it landed at Toronto International Airport to discover she was left sleeping on the plane.