KINGSTON, JAMAICA - MARCH 27: Deputy Chief of Police for Jamaica Mark Shields gives interviews in the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica where Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer was found dead a week ago, March 27, 2007 in Kingston, Jamaica. A murder investigation is now under way into the death of Bob Woolmer after the post-mortem results proved that Bob Woolmer's death was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

An Australian police sergeant was in a suit and tie doing a live TV interview outside a courthouse when he heard shouting behind him.  He turned around to see a suspicious looking guy being chased. So he took off running and made a textbook tackle, bringing the guy to the ground.

Turns out the creep made inappropriate comments to a teenage girl and her dad was trying to run him down.  He was charged with public nuisance.