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LEIPZIG, GERMANY - AUGUST 25: Visitors try out the game Splinter Cell at the Ubisoft stand August 25, 2006 at the Leipzig Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The convention runs from August 24-27. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A guy addicted to gaming came home drunk late one night and fired up a game on his smartphone and started playing it very loudly.

His parents were trying to sleep but he continued to play so his stepdad unplugged their wifi router and the guy could not play anymore.  An argument took place and the guy started cursing and smashing the walls of the home.

The fight ended and everything seemed fine until his mother woke up that morning to find insoluble pesticides floating in the family well.  The parents called the authorities and the gaming addict admitted to poisoning the water supply after being mad about not being able to play his game.


Gaming addict 'tried to poison his own parents after they unplugged wi-fi box'

A gaming addict allegedly tried to poison his own parents after they forced him to stop playing - by unplugging the internet router. Sak Duanjan, 29, returned home drunk and started playing games on his smartphone with the volume turned up while his parents were trying to sleep, it is claimed.