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NEWCASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 01: Student James Pervis tries on a friends hat during the prom at St James' Park on July 1, 2011 in Newcastle, United Kingdom. After months of preparation more than 200 final year students aged 15 to 16 from Cramlington Learning Village attended a leaver's prom at St James Park, Newcastle. The prom marks the end of GCSE examinations and the completion of their high school studies. (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

A high school student from Sarnia, Ontario staged a one-of -a-kind promposal.  He has been an aspiring pilot since he was 10 and wanted to include flying in his promposal.

With the help of a teacher, a little bit of photoshop, and staged engine failure the proposal happened.

Luc Dubois took his potential prom date up for a flight and when she wasn’t paying attention he faked an engine failure and had her read from a photoshopped safety checklist.  One of the steps in the checklist stated that “in order to land safely passenger must … GO TO PROM WITH PILOT.”

It took her a bit to understand what was going on, but she said yes!


Airplane 'engine failure' leads to one-of-a-kind promposal | CBC News

A high school student from Sarnia, Ont. took his promposal to the next level - some would even say sky high. Luc Dubois, 18, said he's dreamt about being a pilot since he flew in a small plane at the age of 10.