Adam 12

11am - 4pm

Hello, I’m Adam 12, ROCK 92.9 DJ and baseball enthusiast. I’m throwing out the first pitch at the Lowell Spinners game on Thursday, June 20. Hopefully I won’t hit anyone in the face.


You see, I’ve thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game twice before, both times before Red Sox home games at Fenway Park. My first first pitch was pretty uneventful. The second one? I hit the catcher in the face.



A few notes: I did inform the catcher ahead of time that I am fully capable of throwing a strike. I told her I wasn’t going to gun it, but I was going to throw with force and accuracy. Which I did. It’s just that, my pitch glanced off her glove. And, as you can see from my reaction, I felt awful. But she assured me that she was OK and absolved me of all responsibility, claiming that she botched the catch.


So fair warning to whichever ball attendant at LeLacheur Park is unlucky enough to draw catching duties for me on Thursday: I’m throwing heat. Maybe wear a mask.