Cops in Toledo, OH arrested a woman on Monday for causing a disturbance when she used a utility pole as a stripper pole and twerked in traffic.

According to reports the woman was “wearing thong shorts with her buttocks exposed & causing alarm to onlookers.” You can see her twerking on the officer while being placed under arrest in the video below.

Busted Coverage - Toledo, Ohio checking in today with a...

Toledo, Ohio checking in today with a little twerk action

Allegedly her twerking caused vehicles to stop and to swerve to prevent from hitting her!


Cop Arrests Ohio Woman For Twerking In Traffic

A Toledo, Ohio cop had himself a big Monday when he arrested Ms. Asia Hughes for (allegedly) twerking in traffic and using a utility pole as her own stripper pole, turning a busy Toledo intersection into a traffic hazard as drivers had to navigate around a twerking machine.