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If you were paying attention last year, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose ramped up using his Twitter feed to air grievances of a political nature. “Woke Axl” became such a big deal that his posts inspired an entire parody account dedicated to superimposing his woke takes over classic images of the star.


Now, in 2019, it’s his bandmate Duff McKagan’s turn to get woke. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the GNR bassist and solo artist opens up about his visit to “The Jungle,” a homeless camp in his native Seattle. The visit, and his increased awareness about the epidemics of homelessness and addiction, led him to write the song “Cold Outside” and to team up with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission in an effort to address the epidemics and to spread awareness among fans.


“Woke Axl” and “Woke Duff.” It’s a far cry from the bratty debauchery of GNR’s heyday, but it’s pretty cool. Listen to “Cold Outside” below.