HONOLULU, HI - APRIL 3: A lifeguard on Waikiki Beach uses a megaphone to alert swimmers of sewage contamination in the water April 3, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. With near perfect weather across Oahu, Waikiki Beach is near empty of swimmers due to the sewage spill which diverted millions of gallons of raw sewage into a nearby canal last week. High levels of bacteria were detected in the water forcing the Hawaiian Department of Health to close several of Waikiki's most famous beaches. Warning signs were posted along most of Waikiki in English and Japanese. (Photo by Marco Garcia/Getty Images)

Would you be interested in watching a guy with a megaphone trying to scare birds?  What if we told you it was his job? 

His name is Andrew Koller and he posted video of himself at work last summer scaring geese away from oil sands in Alberta, Canada.  He said, quote, “Whenever anyone asks what the job entailed, this is what I show them.”

Guy Films Himself Scaring Birds

ID: 1613551 MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT - Daily Dose A bizarre video of a man scaring birds away from his work has become an unlikely viral hit. When Andrew Koller took his job up as a professional bird scarer in The Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada, last summer he didn't know what the role would entail.