NORTHFIELD, IL - AUGUST 5: A Kraft Foods sign is displayed near its corporate headquarters August 5, 2003 in Northfield, Illinois. Northfield, Illinois-based Kraft Foods North America, the largest branded food company in North America, acquired the "Back to Nature" brand cereal and granola business from San Dimas, California-based Organic Milling, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of natural products. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Kraft is releasing a new product for kids called SALAD FROSTING.  It’s actually just ranch dressing. 

Kraft #LieLikeAParent with Kraft Salad Frosting

Let's be honest, parents lie to their kids. In fact, 63% of U.S. parents admit to telling instrumental lies to get their kids to clean up their plates* And if that gets them to eat their salad and veggies, that's totally okay.

But by disguising it as “frosting,” Kraft is hoping it’ll push kids to use it on their vegetables.


Kraft Introduces 'Salad Frosting' To Get Kids To Eat More Greens

Parents go to great lengths to get their kids to eat more vegetables. These efforts include sneaking greens into other foods, engaging in bribery and even just telling white lies. Kraft is attempting to jump on the lying bandwagon with a new salad dressing product aimed at kids: Kraft Salad "Frosting."