POING, GERMANY - APRIL 27: Brown bear cubs play with their mother, Mia, at a wildlife park on April 27, 2007, in Poing, Germany. There is a discussion in Bavaria over reintroducing bears into the wild since roaming brown bear "Bruno" was shot last summer in the Bavarian Alps. Brown bears were originally domestic in Germany, but the species was eradicated about 170 years ago. Brown bear Mia in the Poing wildlife Park is from Swedish origin, her three cubs Molly, Mette and Maja were born December 28, 2006. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

This happened last month in Canada.  A first-time hunter came across a 250-pound black bear sitting in a tree, and ON the metal platform that he wanted to use. 

Instead of moving on to keep from getting mauled, he ordered the bear to come down.  And he succeeded.  It was like the bear understood what he was saying.  It looked at him, and then got off the stand and climbed down the ladder . . . and left.


Hunter Hilariously Tries To Talk Down Black Bear From His Hunting Platform

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