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WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 17: Slices of pizza made by the Little Caesars Love Kitchen, a mobile pizza kitchen, wait for distribution in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs building September 17, 2007 in Washington, DC. The Love Kitchen was in town to provide hot pizza meals to homeless people including homeless veterans. Little Caesar's founder Michael Ilitch was awarded with the Secretary's Award Monday by the Department of Veterans Affairs to recognize his support of veterans. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Pizza chains just LOVE messing around with their crusts. Here’s the latest one:  Little Caesars is testing its new Quattro Crust Pizza, where all four quarters of the pizza have a different kind of crust.

There’s one covered in cheese, one in bacon, one in jalapenos, and one in spices. Right now they’re testing it at some stores in Kentucky and Virginia . . . and there’s no word on when it could go nationwide.


Little Caesars Spotted Testing New Quattro Crust Pizza With 2 Free Caesar Dips - Chew Boom

Little Caesars has been spotted testing the new Quattro Crust Pizza with 2 Free Caesar Dips at select locations in Kentucky and Virginia. The Quattro Crust Pizza is a large round Pepperoni pizza featuring four very different and distinct crust flavors. The pizza comes with your choice of two free Caesar Dips for a suggested price of $8.