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11am - 4pm

Last week, Apple announced that it was discontinuing it’s iTunes platform, which led to some confusion and a lot of long-time users lamenting the loss of the service. So today we’re asking: are you one of those users who’s flipping out? Or have you not even thought of or looked at your iTunes library since around 2012?


First, a few clarifications. Apple isn’t ditching iTunes completely. As announced at their Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday and reported in Variety, the iTunes software app is being set aside in favor of separate apps for Music, TV, and Podcasts. iPhone and iPad users will still have access to the iTunes store, too. And Microsoft users will keep the iTunes app. So it’s not as drastic as we initially thought.


That being said, we want to know: were you even still using iTunes? Will you use the new Apple apps that are replacing it? Or are you still rockin’ Winger cassettes in your ’86 Camaro? Answer the 12 Inch Poll and let us know!