Three men wearing small blue swimming trunks taking part in the London Pride march, 1st July 2000. (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Pornhub just announced they’re selling a new product for men called the . . . Bonerless Bathing Suit.

It’s a bathing suit that’s designed to hold down and hide your junk when you get too excited.  If you want one, they cost $69.69 at  For real.


Pornhub Now Sells 'Bonerless Bathing Suits', Designed to Hide Erections

Sure, regular erections are a welcome sign of good testosterone and generally decent health, but not every appearance from your member is a welcome one. In fact, getting an unwanted erection can lead to some pretty awkward moments - every guy's got a story or two on this - especially when it's difficult to hide it.