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HERRENHAEUSER, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 08: (EDITOR'S NOTE: Photo taken with an iPhone 6.) Hikers, family members of the photographer, on day two of a four-day, 50km hike across the Karwendel mountain range walk from Karwendelhaus hut to Falkenhuettte hut on August 8, 2015 near Herrenhaeuser, Austria. The Karwendel mountain range, part of the Austrian Alps, is located in central Tyrol and is a popular summer destination for mountain bikers, climbers and hikers. Mountain huts operated by alpine clubs and scattered across the region offer food and shelter. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Tourists in Scotland are doing a tough hike to see a piece of driftwood that looks just like . . . a naked lady.

It’s a four-mile hike each way to see it . . . but totally worth it. If you want to avoid the expensive flight to Scotland and not have to muscle through the 8 mile round trip hike check the link below!


Driftwood shaped like naked woman washes up on Inner Hebrides beach shocking locals

DRIFTWOOD shaped like a naked woman washed up on a beach after boobing around in the sea. Tourists hike eight miles to see the loggy lovely dubbed Lady Balnahard - with one joker adding a cheeky clump of seaweed. Locals on Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, dragged her above the high water mark at her namesake beach after finding her last summer.