CHICAGO - OCTOBER 25: Police Tape is stretched around the outside of the home of 57-year-old Darnell Hudson Donerson, the mother of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, October 25, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Donerson was found shot to death in her living room yesterday and her son Jason was found shot to death in a bedroom of the home. Police are searching for Donerson's seven-year-old grandchild who is missing from the home. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A man in Baton Rouge had to jump out of a second story apartment window after his date pulled a gun on him for refusing to perform oral sex.

After spending the day together, the man invited the woman back to his apartment.  They spent some time in his bedroom and the woman asked him to perform on her.  He declined and she whipped out a gun and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t perform.

A little struggle took place and a shot was fired into the bedroom wall.  The man ran out onto his second story balcony and jumped to the ground as another shot was fired towards him.

Officers found the woman outside the apartment a little while later and allegedly stole a PS4 and shotgun from the man’s apartment.  She was charged with attempted second-degree murder and other charges.


Police: Woman demanded oral sex at gunpoint, fired shots at man as he fled apartment

BATON ROUGE - A man leapt from a second-floor apartment Monday after his gun-slinging date tried to shoot him because he refused to give her oral sex. Police say Anneisha Speed, 19, was at the victim's Labelle Avenue apartment Monday when things went south.