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HUNTINGTON, UT - AUGUST 16: An Emery County ambulance leaves the Crandall Canyon coal mine August 16, 2007 near Huntington, Utah. Several ambulances and a MEDEVAC helicopter arrived at the mine in the evening as rescuers were injured during a collapse as they searched for six coal miners trapped 1,500 feet beneath the surface at the Crandall Canyon coal mine after an August 6 cave-in. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A guy in Washington state accidentally shot himself in the JUNK last month.  Then during surgery, a bag of drugs fell out of his no-go hole.

And when he turned himself in a week later, cops strip-searched him and found MORE drugs up there.


Doctors find drugs in rectum of convicted felon being operated on after shooting himself in the groin

Chelan County, Wash., detectives arrived at the hospital where he was being stitched up to gather information, at which time they also decided to search Wilson's car. That's where cops say they found a bag of methamphetamine in the pocket of a pair of bloody jeans Wilson appeared to be wearing when his injury occurred.