SAN RAFAEL, CA - JULY 25: Cans of Coca Cola are displayed on July 25, 2018 in San Rafael, California. Coca Cola announced plans to raise soda prices in North America due to rising prices of metals following tariffs imposed on Chinese imports by the Trump administration. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As a marketing tie-in for the new season of ‘Stranger Things’ (set to start streaming this 4th of July on Netflix) Coca-Cola is bringing back it’s 1985 formula for ‘New Coke.’

This season of ‘Stranger Things’ takes place in the summer of 1985 which is also the same year that Coca-Cola debuted the new recipe for their carbonated beverage.  The creators of the show thought it would be a cool way to promote the show and Coca-Cola agreed.  They’re not getting the same marketing bang for their buck buying traditional ads, so they’re hoping this resurrection will help reach people in an evolving media landscape.


Coca-Cola is bringing back New Coke in honor of 'Stranger Things'

Coca-Cola is hoping a failed product from the 1980s will help it go viral in 2019.