A 32-year-old woman in Pennsylvania is facing assault charges after she showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s place last Sunday night . . . and punched him in the junk so hard, it BURST.

According to reports the ex-boyfriend came back to his residence after spending time at the local bar when he found the woman in his place.  The woman then argued with him about where he was while he was trying to get her out of his home.  That’s when the woman allegedly assaulted her ex-boyfriend, striking him multiple times including the fatality punch and socking him right in the nuts.

The blow caused his scrotum to explode and left one of his testicles exposed. She was arrested for aggravated assault.


Woman Busted For Brutal Attack On Ex-Boyfriend

MAY 16--A Pennsylvania woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly punching her ex-boyfriend in the groin with such force that his scrotum tore open, exposing a bloody testicle, according to a w