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LONDON ? MARCH 3: Ambulances are seen at the Accident and Emergency department of St. Thomas' Hospital on March 3, 2005 in London, England. The government has announced that waiting lists have fallen over the past two years and hospitals have been working to reduce waiting lists. (Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)

Woman arrested after hitting hospital worker with used sanitary pad she pulled from her pants!

A Florida woman checked into a hospital emergency room for treatment.  While in the hospital the woman attempted to steal several sets of hospital bathing clothes and slippers (a value of approx. $11).

After attempting the hospital gown heist the woman then reached down her pants and pulled out a sanitary pad and hit a hospital employee with it!  The woman was arrested and charged with battery on health service personnel.


Woman arrested for hitting hospital worker 'with a used sanitary pad'

Florida woman Coffii Castellion, 29, was arrested on Monday after she allegedly hit a hospital worker with a used feminine pad She took herself to Mease Dunedin Hospital to receive emergency care But once inside she stole several hospital bathing cloths and slippers estimated to be worth a combined $10.79