People deal with stress in different ways, those that work in a stressful work environment usually take a cigarette break or vent to co-workers…One woman does something a bit different.

Instead of the more common tradition of grabbing a coffee or a smoke on break she takes a moment to masturbate.  She will slip out and return home for some self-pleasure on her lunch break or head to the office bathroom to surf some porn and flick the bean.

She works as a sex columnist for She Said, has a healthy libido and is constantly reading and writing about sex all day so that doesn’t help her situation.  She says after her self pleasure break she is “brighter and more focused” ready to take on whatever else the day brings her way.


Woman Takes Masturbation Breaks In Work Instead Of Having Coffee

We all have our own methods for dealing with stress at work: venting to friends, taking multiple cigarette breaks, or procrastinating for approx a week until your workload is 10x higher and nothing has been resolved (guilty as charged).