SALTON CITY, CA - OCTOBER 22: Mosquitoes swarm on the east shore of the Salton Sea, one of the first places where West Nile Virus arrived to the state, on October 22, 2005 across the lake from Salton City, California. A controversial plan put forth by the Salton Sea Authority board, the agency that manages the Salton Sea, proposes building up to 200-thousand homes, including some on a former atomic weapons testing site, to help fund restoration of the lake which reportedly faces ecological collapse. Critics fear the shuttered Salton Sea Test Base is polluted with depleted uranium that could threaten the health of future residents, and that such a development boom could eliminate resting and nesting places for the more than 400 species of birds using this important migratory stop-over that the restoration plan is supposed to help. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Somebody posted a video of lovebugs swarming a house in Grant-Valkaria, Florida . . . which is north of Vero Beach.

There are thousands of them and they’re all over the outside of the house.  The person who posted the clip said they couldn’t walk to their car without the bugs buzzing around their faces, and landing on them.