SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 26: Exotic dancers "Malena" and "Kaya" dance under red lights at the Lusty Lady strip club after the official re-opening June 26, 2003 in San Francisco. The dancers and support staff of the Lusty Lady made history by saving the famous strip club from going out of business by becoming the first employee-owned, fully unionized strip club in the nation. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Will Turton is an 18-year-old from England who doesn’t remember blowing his “life savings” at the X In The City strip club in Liverpool.

It seems the 18-year-old decided to “live a little” and go into the club for some drinks and lap dances recently – rolling in at 4pm…and shutting down at 1am.vAnd when he woke up the next morning, he was hungover…and discovered that his evening out cost him $4,500.

Now, one sympathetic soul’s put up the Will Turton’s An Idiot Fund to help him recoup some of his losses. To this point, only $349.98 has been raised.