We feel like Andy may react this way if he lost bittens!

A guy went on a rampage at a church in Pennsylvania on Friday because he thought someone there had stolen his cat. Paul Robert O’Neill was allegedly so upset about his missing cat he busted into a church and started tearing rooms apart searching for his lost pet.  When he couldn’t find it he threatened church members and started a fire on a neighboring property.

He was arrested for numerous alleged crimes, including burglary, trespassing, institutional vandalism and disorderly conduct…No word on the whereabouts of his cat.


Lost cat triggers man's rampage at York County church, police say

Paul Robert O'Neill was reportedly so upset about his missing cat that he trespassed inside a Newberry Township church on Friday, causing damage as he searched its rooms for his pet, according to charging documents. When his search came up empty, he warned a member of the Slavic Baptist Church that if he did find the feline there, the church would be in "big trouble."