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KILLEEN, TX - NOVEMBER 12: A variety of dental hygiene products and shaving cream remain on the bathroom sink in the apartment where Maj. Nadil Malik Hasan lived at the Casa Del Norte apartment complex November 12, 2009 in Killeen, Texas. U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an army psychiatrist, is accused of killing 13 people and wounded 30 in a shooting at the nearby Fort Hood military base on November 5, 2009. (Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

Now THIS is what Crocs were really made for.

There’s a new viral video challenge where people are filling up their CROCS with SHAVING CREAM . . . and then jamming their feet in.  The result is tubes of shaving cream exploding out of the holes. The videos are oddly satisfying to watch.  It’s kind of like watching pimple popping videos . . . but less gross.