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One of the most popular doughnut bakers is making their way into the ice cream game and two of the biggest fast food chains are feuding with meals based on different moods!

Krispy Kreme doughnut flavored ice cream exists?!? The only problem is it looks like you may need to book a trip to Ireland to try it!

Krispy Kreme is bringing doughnut flavoured ice cream to Ireland | The Irish Post

The US doughnut giant was the talk of the town last year, following the opening of its first 24-hour drive-thru Krispy Kreme shop in the capital. Demand proved so fierce, in fact, the company was eventually forced to reduce the shop's opening hours following complaints from locals over the number of noisy cars queuing through the night for the sweet treats.

Burger King Is Poking Fun at McDonald’s Happy Meals with “Real Meals” Based on Other Moods

Burger King is now going after the McDonald’s Happy Meal.  They just released five boxes for adults and because, quote, “no one is happy all the time,” the boxes are based on other moods, like SALTY and PISSED.  For now, they’re only available at a small handful of Burger Kings this month.

Burger King Unveils New 'Real Meal' Boxes That Let You Order A Whopper Meal Based On Your Mood - Chew Boom

Because no one is happy all the time, Burger King is inviting guests to order a Whopper meal based on however they might be feeling. The limited-edition "Real Meal" boxes come in a variety of moods, but "happy" isn't one of them. Real Meal moods include the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and DGAF Meal.