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Meet Adam Curlykale. A Russian man who has 90% of his body covered in tattoos and has surgically removed his nipples and genitalia!

While the man was being treated for cancer, he decided to start tattooing himself to cover the blemishes. In the 12 years since, he’s become pretty fond of the tattoos, because 90% of his body had been covered with them – including his eyeballs.

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Then, he took another look, and found that his nipples and penis seemed “out of place” with the rest of his new body image. So, he opted to have them surgically removed!!


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Adam Curlykale, 32, started tattooing himself to cover up skin blemishes after being treated for cancer. He had been depressed by his appearance but became obsessed with body art when he started having his skin tattooed. But after spending 12 years inking 90% of his body, including his eye balls, Adam, from the city of Kaliningrad in Russia, was still not happy.