NANTONG, CHINA - MARCH 15: (CHINA OUT) Workers produce pickles to export to Japan for the quake relief at Caihua Foods CO., Ltd. on March 15, 2011 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province of China. (Photo by VCG/Getty Images)

We can’t decide if these sound good or repulsive . . . maybe that’s the sign of an intriguing new product?

Vlasic just announced they’re coming out with new PICKLE CHIPS soon.  These aren’t pickle-flavored potato chips, which have been around forever.  These are chips literally made out of, quote, “vacuum-fried pickles.” They’re set to come out sometime soon.


Vlasic Is Releasing Dill Pickle Chips, And They're About To Be Your Go-To Summer Snack

A new snack is going to make it easy to get that pickle flavor on the go, so we can't wait for Vlasic Pickle Chips to hit shelves. "We've created Vlasic single-serve pickle slices and also a Vlasic vacuum-fried pickle chips that taste absolutely fantastic," Thomas M.