A rich guy in Florida who paid $8 million for a private island last month just got arrested . . . for stealing $300 worth of stuff from Kmart.

According to reports the man had gone through the check out and bought a bunch of household items like a Keurig, light bulbs, etc.  Then he allegedly came back to the store to return the merchandise but replaced the actual items in the boxes with junk.

The man claims he did not swap any of the items.  He was arrested and set for a court appearance later in April.


Police: Key West Island owner stole $300 in Kmart goods | Miami Herald

Andrew Lippi, 59, was arrested after police said he stole $300 worth of goods from the Key West Kmart. A week before the arrest on accusations of theft, he bought the famous Thompson Island, the home to the Knight family for 70 years.