PENRYN, ENGLAND - MAY 09: Engineered Arts RoboThespian robots are pictured at the company's headquarters in Penryn on May 9, 2018 in Cornwall, England. Founded in 2004, the Cornish company operating from an industrial unit near Falmouth, is a world leader in life sized commercial available humanoid robots for entertainment, information, education and research. The company has successfully sold its the fully interactive and multilingual RoboThespian robot and their smaller SociBot robot around the world to science centres, theme parks and visitor attractions, and also to academic and commercial research groups where they are used as research and development platforms. However, more recently the company has been building a range of lifelike bio-mechanical Mesmer robots. Built on the sensors and the extensive software framework already developed for RoboThespian, the Mesmer robots can offer some of the smartest animatronics on the market, giving extensive interaction but can also move very smoothly, quietly and naturally too. Developed using Engineered Arts own animation software 'Virtual Robot', Mesmer characters can be fictional, or faithful recreations of real-world people with accuracy possible to the last pore or finest of hairs. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A new service launched yesterday called “Slutbot” that lets you practice sexting by doing it with a ROBOT.There are two different settings that let you decide how filthy you want it to get:  “Slow and Gentle” or “Hot and Sexy.”

It’s totally free.  Just text the word “slutbot” to 415-650-0395 to get started.  The one rule is you can’t use derogatory terms, like the B-word.  And if it ever makes you uncomfortable, you can end the conversation by using the safe word, “pineapple.”


This new 'Slutbot' is designed to pump up your sexting game

A new "SMS experience" - co-created by erotic writers and sex educators - allows users to text a number and get lessons in sexting from the "Slutbot." This dirty-talk teacher is the bawdy brainchild of the digital gurus behind Juicebox, a relationship app which offers advice on sex and love.