A 20-year-old woman in Utah got busted for underage drinking last Wednesday.  Then cops found weed . . . after she asked if they’d pack her a bowl before she went to jail.

The whole incident started when the woman got into an altercation with her boyfriend and tried kicking out his windshield. She was charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor, possession, and criminal mischief.

You can see non mugshot pics of her on her facebook page: FACEBOOK PROFILE


Utah woman asks to 'smoke a bowl' before going to jail for being drunk on mouthwash

(UPDATE 7:12 p. m. ) -- 2News reached out toFrancesca Delfina Farias-Swenson, who says the version of events provided to 2News by police is incorrect. Farias-Swenson says she was not drinking mouthwash, but was actually drinking tequila. She says she doesn't have a boyfriend, and the man involved in the incident is a "good friend.