By Matt Martinelli | The Improper Bostonian

The favored sport of the star left fielder for the Boston Red Sox is not played on grass and dirt. It’s played on hardwood with two baskets and a big orange ball. Andrew Benintendi was a four-year starter on his high school basketball team, averaging nearly 25 points a game during his final two seasons. But he figured—at 5-foot-10—he’d never quite measure up on the court.

“Basketball is my favorite sport, but I knew pretty early on that I wasn’t going to have the size to play,” Benintendi says. “But it’s still my favorite. I enjoy watching it now. I can’t really play.”

During the short offseason—made even shorter by Boston’s triumphant World Series run—Benintendi could still be found catching basketball games in person. But it’s on his terms. Is he in a luxury box at TD Garden? Nope. Maybe courtside at a Xavier University game near his hometown? Not quite. He’s in a nondescript high school gym in Madeira, Ohio, watching his 14-year-old sister Lilly play.

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