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Comedian Kevin Hart had a rollercoaster of a night, which led him to say “I should have listened to my wife.”

Kevin Hart tried to make it up on stage to celebrate with the team, and he was denied by a very tall security guard, which honestly, made the incident a whole lot more comical.


And finally, when Kevin made it to the stage, he pulls a no-no and drops an F-bomb live on TV. Kevin shows up in this video around the 2-minute mark, and was completely wasted and was giving his synopsis of how he felt about Philly and Fletcher Cox, and he drops the bomb, and then realizes what he did, and politely excused himself:


C’mon… Anyone who’s drinking age has had a moment like this. Kevin did, however, go onto Instagram and offered up a profanity-laced, drunk sorta-apology (NSFW language):


A true fan right there…


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