There have been many sad deaths in 2017.  This isn’t one of them.

Charles Manson, one of the most disturbing figures of the 20th century, has died.  Per the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, his death at 83 was the result of natural causes.

Manson, of course, was the leader of the Manson Family, a cult who was responsible for a number of murders in California in 1969.

The most notorious of the murders took place on August 9, 1969 when Manson Family members Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian and Patricia Krenwinkel invaded the home of Roman Polanski and wife Sharon Tate and brutally killed five people, including a then eight-months pregnant Tate.  Manson, Watson, Atkins, Kasabian and Krenwinkel were all found guilty of murder and were eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Manson’s disturbing pop culture appeal also lies in his attempt to break into the Los Angeles music scene of the 1960’s, with his most notorious connection being with Dennis Wilson and the Beach Boys after Wilson happened to picked up members of the Manson Family who were hitchhiking on the Sunset Strip one evening.

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