We’re about to go full nerd here so brace yourselves. 

Within the first few seconds of the newest ‘Star Wars’ trailer for ‘The Last Jedi,’ we hear Supreme Leader Snoke speaking to what seems like Kylo Ren about seeing something “truly special” that was discovered within his power. But when we lean further into this trailer, which premiered around 10:30PM last night, we see that Rey might actually be swayed to the Dark Side.

After presenting Luke his lightsaber, and as he begins to train Rey on the island, Skywalker begins to fear what raw power that Rey has inside her. He says “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” With that in mind, we know that Luke is afraid of what Rey can become if she harnesses her power. We’re pretty sure he’s referencing Kylo “Ben” Ren, whom he trained before he gave in to the Dark Side.


There is a moment in which Kylo looks like he’s about to shoot down his Mother’s ship, and that he can’t press the button. He feels Leia Organa’s presence, and he still seems conflicted, even more so now, after SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ‘THE FORCE AWAKENS’ SPOILER SPOILER he killed his father, Han Solo. You hear “Ben” AKA Kylo saying to kill the past, and that’s the only way to become what you’re meant to be. It’s unclear if he’s talking to himself or Rey at this point.

We then cut to ships sailing through an entire cave of what looks like Kyber crystal, which is interesting considering that, according to Wookiepedia, Kyber crystal does not inhabit color until united with a Force-sensitive individual. Still, the cave is slathered with Red Crystal, which alludes to a full cave of crystal that’s inhabited by the Dark Side. According to SlashFilm, “Since dark side Force users don’t have a connection to the crystals the same way Jedi do, they have to bend the crystal to their will, which results in the crystal bleeding, thus turning it red. A crystal manipulated by the dark side can healed, but instead of returning to its original color, it becomes white instead.”


So, it would have to be stolen, right? Well, according to Wookipedia, the Jedi Temple was built atop a Sith Shrine, which they were unaware of. I’m not sure and there’s not a ton of literature on the subject, but could it be that the Jedi Temple, which Luke had been searching for in the first place, could potentially be inhabited with crystal, that could be stolen and bled by the baddies? It’s possible, but is ONLY A THEORY.

Aside from my slight pathway down the rabbit hole, and back to the trailer, how about Finn with that spinning electric death stick, going after Captain Phasma? He may not be a Jedi, but it looks like he’s a warrior for the good guys, and a little bit more sure of himself now. (Probably some encouragement from Poe Dameron.

And after all of the explosions, we see Rey being held against her will, in what looks like by Supreme Leader Snoke, saying to “fulfill your destiny,” so, most likely he’s pulling a Palpatine/Sidious and trying to get Rey to turn.

The truly gripping part is when you hear Rey say “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” Then you see Kylo Ren, calmly and with care, opening his hand.

There are two theories here: The first reactionary theory is that Rey will walk toward the Dark Side after Kylo Ren offers for the second time to teach her the ways of the Force. They clearly have an explosive bond, so we don’t know if they are siblings or somehow related.

Second theory: If you examine film as much as I do, it looks as if Rey is facing a campfire. She could be facing a campfire in a cave, talking to Luke. Because when it turns to the clip of Kylo Ren, he’s standing in a rubble/fire type situation, which isn’t the light reflecting on Rey’s face. Thanks to Twitter user Travis Knudsen (whom I found after watching this, looking for tweets) has broken down this theory for us:

Personally, I’m more inclined to believe the second theory, that each scene has nothing to do with the other, but it’s still questionable who Rey truly is.

The film is now selling tickets for the release, which is coming out December 15.


Watch the trailer, if you haven’t already, or go through it and see what you think about my observations. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


See some of the production stills from the film here:


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